Nudo celebrates 51st anniversay

11 Oct 2015 16:40pm
WINDHOEK, 11 OCT (NAMPA) – The National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) celebrated its 51st anniversary at the UN Plaza in Windhoek on Saturday.
Nudo supporters and sympathisers turned up at the UN plaza in numbers to celebrate the party’s anniversary. Nudo was formed on 25 September 1964.
The celebrations included entertainment and accounts of the party’s history by elders, who spoke about the long path Nudo has walked since its formation.
Speaker after speaker described Nudo as the party of the people and the party of the voiceless.
Also in attendance were the party’s president Asser Mbai and its Secretary-General Meundju Jahanika.
Mbai announced the party’s manifesto for the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority elections.
He said his party will make sure that there is an equal distribution of wealth; development in all regions and towns; implementation of decentralisation policies; and improvement of the Mass Housing project. Nudo also plans to empower development agencies such as village development and constituency development committees.
“Nudo will also make sure it creates feedlots in all regions to supply the demand of lucrative markets and refurbish the agricultural sector in order to improve sustainability and food security,” he said.
His main emphasis was however on education; health; land resettlement; agriculture and water; as well as job creation and economic growth.
Mbai also said his party will decentralise procurement policies to regions and towns and strengthen basic health programmes and public education.
In 1964, the Herero Chiefs Council withdrew from Swanu (then known as the South West Africa National Union), which it had helped found and established the National Unity Democratic Organisation so that the council would not have to be directly involved in politics.
The founding leader was Mburumba Kerina, who had been a founding member of both SWANU and the Swapo Party, but after disagreements with the chiefs council Kerina was replaced by Clemens Kapuuo.