Katjirua officially acting Ovambanderu Chief

11 Oct 2015 16:30pm
EPUKIRO, 11 OCT (NAMPA) – Ovambanderu Senior Traditional Councillor, Gerson Katjirua was on Saturday officially installed as Acting Chief of the Ovambanderu at a colourful ceremony here.
Katjirua, who has been informally acting in the position, will now assume full acting capacity of the Ovambanderu throne.
He will be standing in for Ovambanderu Chief, Kilus Nguvauva, who was installed as chief earlier this year.
The reasons for Katjirua's appointment as Acting Chief was not made known.
Nguavauva is also Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, and outgoing Councillor for the Okorukambe Constituency in the Omaheke Region.
Katjirua was at the helm of the Ovambanderu throne as de facto Acting Chief even before Nguvauva's coronation.
Handing over the symbolic instruments of power during the ceremony to Katjirua, Nguvauva urged the Acting Chief to take on the difficult task of uniting the divided Ovambanderu people.
Nguvauva provided him with a copy of laws governing traditional authorities, an Ovambanderu flag and a national flag to symbolically mark the handing over of power to the Acting Chief.
Nguvauva said although the task at hand would not be an easy one, Katjirua owes it to the Ovambanderu people to present a united front of his subjects in the interest of peace and harmony.
“We need to ensure that all our people are united and live as one great nation. We cannot afford disunity amongst our people at all,” he said.
Katjirua, who is widely revered amongst the Ovambanderu for his unparalleled wisdom and insight into traditional matters and governance at that level, promised to be an exemplary leader for his subjects.
The event was attended by Omaheke Regional Governor Festus Ueitele, who delivered a statement on behalf of Urban and Rural Development Minister Sophia Shaningwa.
Shaningwa urged the Ovambanderus’ new Acting Chief to lead his subjects with a sense of inclusivity and not to allow tribalism to engulf his leadership.