Rundu residents demonstrate over alleged corruption

11 Oct 2015 12:20pm
RUNDU, 11 OCT (NAMPA) - About 100 placard-waving residents of Rundu lead by the Kavango Development Progress Forum (KDPF) took to the streets on Saturday against alleged corruption by certain leaders at the Rundu Town Council.
The group chanted anti-corruption slogans and called for the removal of alleged corrupt officials at the council.
The residents marched from the informal settlements of Kaisosi, Tuhungireni and Ndama to the office of the Governor of Kavango East, Dr Samuel Mbambo.
It is here that the group expected to hand over their prepared petition to Mbambo, but learned on their arrival that the governor could not receive the petition due to a death in his family.
Showing that not even the Governor’s absence would dampen their spirits, the Secretary General of KDPF, Linus Neumbo read the petition out loud to members of the media.
“We the residents of Rundu town have reached a point of no return. The Rundu Town Council must own up to its problems. The citizens and concerned groups of the town will not be gripped by fear to voice their concerns,” their petition read.
According to the residents, Rundu and its surrounding settlements have bad roads and also suffer poor service delivery and poor management of the town council.
They further claim that an amount of N.dollars 600 000 was paid to a company called Under-G cc for the construction of a website for the town council.
Investigations done by the KDPF found that bigger municipalities only spent about N.dollars 44 000 for the design of their websites, the residents argue.
The same town council, Neumbo alleged, spent another N.dollars 300 000 for the setting up of a bulk SMS management system.
This tender was awarded to a company called Tulirereni Transport and General Services CC, which is apparently also owned by the owner of Under-G CC.
The residents further stated that the Rundu Town Council needs to look into why there appears to be heightened attacks on the town council and its image.
“Corruption is weakening the council as there are certain individuals and companies that have an interest in tenders and land with a consideration involvement,” the residents claim.
According to them, companies receive tenders or contracts worth millions without correct tender procedures being followed while the town already has a huge unemployment rate and high poverty levels.
Responding to the allegations of corruption which have also been doing the rounds on social media, both Mayor Hilka Leevi and Deputy Mayor Bonny Kahare told a media briefing on Friday that concerned residents can call in the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate the allegations and make the findings public.
The allegations, Kahare claimed, were merely being raised as an electioneering tool in light of the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority elections scheduled for the end of November.