Three foreigners sentenced in Opuwo

09 Oct 2015 16:20pm
OPUWO, 09 OCT (NAMPA) – Three foreign men were on Tuesday sentenced to 24 months in prison or fines of N.dollars 4 000 each for contravening the Immigration Control Act 7 of 1993.
They are Richcome Dlamini, 45; Richard Ndlozu, 36; Reason Mahebe, 37.
The trio was found selling cookware in the parking lot of the OK shopping centre in Opuwo, Kunene Region on Saturday.
The men told the Opuwo Magistrate's Court they were sent to Namibia by Elegant Cookware, a Cape Town-based company in South Africa, to come and see how the cookware will sell here.
This contravened the holiday permits they received when entering Namibia.
Dlamini is a South-African citizen, while Ndlovu and Mahebe are Zimbabweans living in South Africa.