Seven arrested for counterfeit money

06 Oct 2015 19:10pm


Seven suspects were arrested over the past two weeks for possessing counterfeit money amounting to N.dollars 84 000. The fake money with serial numbers N98337131, N64855266 and N53746402 are in circulation, particularly in the Omusati and Otjozondjupa regions, said Namibian Police Force (NamPol) Chief Inspector and Head of Public Relations Division, Kauna Shikwambi in a statement issued on Tuesday.

She said the suspects' ages vary between 27 and 35, and they were arrested between the period of 15 September 2015 and 04 October 2015. "The common counterfeit money being circulated is N.dollars 200 banknotes and more notes are expected to be in circulation countrywide," said Shikwambi.

She urged members of the public and business community to diligently examine money for authenticity. The major differences between the older banknote series and new series are that the N.dollars 100 has a silver foil patch running downwards along a line, and the N.dollars 200 banknote has a gold foil patch running along a line, both through the numerical value of the banknote. Lower denominations have none.

In 2012, the Bank of Namibia (BoN) issued a new family of banknotes with the main distinctive features of these notes being that the main portrait on the N.dollars 10 and N.dollars 20 is that of First President Sam Nujoma, while the N.dollars 50 N.dollars 100 and N.dollars 200 banknotes have the portrait of Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi - an important figure in Namibia's colonial history.

The other security features that can be found in all denominations are the Bank of Namibia's initials 'BoN'; BoN Governor Ipumbu Shiimi's signature; and relief mark for the visually impaired.

During the BoN's media briefing on modified banknotes here on Tuesday, the media wanted to know if the reserve bank was informed of the latest counterfeit noted in circulation. "We are not aware of that but if there is a report like this I will send my team to investigate that as soon as possible," said BoN Director for Banking Services, Sam Shivute.