Realtime Payments to MultiChoice Namibia from Bank Windhoek Cellphone Banking

October 6, 2015, 7:21am

Bank Windhoek is pleased to announce that 3rd Party Payments to MultiChoice Namibia on CellPhone Banking have been enhanced.

The enhanced MultiChoice payments will be done on a real-time basis, therefore credits will reflect immediately on the customer’s MultiChoice account, or funded on their Box Office accounts, after the transaction is completed successfully.

Previously payments to MultiChoice were done on a credit transfer basis, where the payment confirmations still had to be sent to MultiChoice.

“CellPhone Banking clients will now have the option to make account payments to DStv, GoTV or DStv Box Office instantly,” says Harrycio Landsberg, Manager: Business Development (Electronic Channels) at Bank Windhoek.

“Once the customer replies with the Smart Card number, the amount due and or credit balance will be displayed, and the customer will still have the option to insert an amount when performing a transaction.”

This service will be available for all CellPhone Banking Full Access clients as from the 1st of October 2015.

MultiChoice on 3rd Party Payments

Clients will be able to do 3rd Party Payments to MultiChoice by dialling *140*295# and follow the prompts on Bank Windhoek’s CellPhone Banking. Upon successful completion of the transaction, the client will receive a payment confirmation via SMS.

Storing of Smart Card Number

“The first time a customer performs a successful transaction, the Smart Card number will be stored. CellPhone Banking will store up to 3 Smart Card numbers,” Landsberg said.

“The customer will be able to choose between the listed Smart Card numbers, or choose to enter a new smart card number, when doing a payment. Once the customer reached the maximum of 3 saved numbers, the newly saved number will automatically replace the oldest number.”