NSA and BoN to co-operate on stats

15 Aug 2013 12:00

Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) and Bank of Namibia (BoN) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to set out their respective areas of responsibilities and technical corporation in economic and monetary statistics at national level.

“The co-operation in the timely production and dissemination of micro-economic statistics will be of mutual benefit to both institutions and the coordination in production of statistics, will contribute to timely and reliable data.,” says Dr John Steytler, Statician-General of the NSA.
Deputy Governor of BoN Ebson Uanguta says the agreement is a sign of recognition between the two institutions, adding that it will improve in capacity building.
“This will improve the statistics in both the economic and monetary fields to be release on time and of good quality. This is also to ensure that we give public good quality data for good policy for our country. This is going to be a living document in providing data on monitoring statistics and balance of payment,” says Uanguta.