Pohamba donate N.dollars 1.4 million to school

03 Oct 2015 11:30am
OKANGHUDI, 03 OCT (NAMPA) – Former president, Hifikepunye Pohamba donated over N.dollars 1.4 million to the Okanghudi Combined School (CS) in the Ohangwena Region to construct two dormitories for 100 boys and girls.
Handing over the sponsorship cheque at the school on Friday, Pohamba pointed out that the donation from him and his wife, Penehupifo, is their contribution to assist the government.
He handed over the cheque to Education, Arts and Culture Minister Katrina Hanse-Himarwa and requested that the ministry contract the builders and supervise the construction up to completion.
“As much as we want infrastructure such as a kitchen, dining hall and fence around the school, our finances cannot allow it,” he said, and requested the ministry to build such amenities.
He then revealed that two local residents, Ester Kashinda and Eradius Nghinyekwa, have contributed land from their crop fields for the school’s future expansion.
In her acceptance address, Hanse-Himarwa confirmed that her ministry will indeed build the kitchen, dining hall and fence.
She said the Pohambas’ donation was made in national interest and it is a noble gesture.
Hanse-Himarwa noted that the sponsorship would address the issue of the school’s children sleeping in tents, especially during Grade 10 year-end examinations; preparation of their food in the open; and the long distances some children walk to and from school.
The Okanghudi CS was established by Diihongeni Vanyika as a religious school in 1982.
Veronica Kakololo was the first principal after it became a government school and she was followed by Joseph Hamutenya who retired in 2010.
The school is currently headed by the youthful Horeb Dumeni, who took over as the principal in September 2010 to head a population of 300 learners.
“We currently have 15 teachers, two heads of departments and myself for 739 learners from pre-primary level to Grade 10,” Dumeni said.