Swapo to hold district conference for Rundu Urban

02 Oct 2015 16:10pm
RUNDU, 02 OCT (NAMPA) – The Swapo Party in the Kavango East Region will hold its district conference for the Rundu Urban Constituency here on Saturday.
The conference will elect candidates for the November Regional Council and Local Authority elections.
The internal elections will be chaired by the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, John Mutorwa, who is the party leader assigned to the Kavango East Region.
Swapo's Kavango East regional mobiliser, Eric Tjandja told Nampa on Thursday elections for the Rundu Rural Constituency were concluded on Thursday.
Contesting in the Regional Council Election for Rundu Urban Constituency are Elina Diparu; Victoria Kauma, who seems to be the favoured candidate; Johannes Pesa and Gariel Kanyanga; all new candidates. Former Regional Councillor, Nimrod Muremi opted not to stand.
Tjandja said of the four candidates, only one will be elected during the district conference to represent the party during the November elections.
The elections will be contested by 13 Swapo candidates of whom only seven will be elected at the conference for the November Regional Council and Local Authority elections.
They are current Deputy Mayor of Rundu Bonny Kahare; Munika Romanus; Muyenga Engelbert; Ngondo Johannes; Izak Kandingu; Sarafine Kandere and Daniel Lilenga who are members of the town council management committee; Ralph Ihemba; Verna Sinimbo; Toini Hausiku, Anastacia Kanduvi; Johanna Kakondo; and current Mayor of Rundu Hilka Leevi.
Tjandja explained that if the party scoops all seven seats, then all seven candidates will go through, starting with the one with the highest votes.
The remaining six, he said, will form part of the list that will rotate in case of eventualities.
Meanwhile, only two candidates contested the Rundu Rural Constituency elections. They are current serving councillor Michael Sikongo, who was challenged by Mbangu Lukas. Rundu Rural held its district conference on Thursday.
In that constituency, 150 members voted with only one spoilt ballot. Sikongo obtained 110 votes while Lukas got 46 votes. Thus, Sikongo will represent the party for Rundu Rural Constituency during the November elections.