Baumgartsbrunn learners poor results, no high school

30 Sep 2015 15:20pm


Learners who complete Grade 7 at the Baumgartsbrunn Primary School (PS) face difficulties in getting placement in high schools due to poor marks.

This is due to administration issues and parents who are not involved with their children's education, says Head of Department (HOD) at that school, Sylvia //Hamaseb during the celebration of the Day of the Namibian Child here on Monday.

She explained that currently, the Life Skills teacher does the Grade 8 applications on behalf of the learner, which is not always a fruitful process because when parents are contacted to bring relevant documents, they simply do not show.

"Even if these learners go to the Teachers' Resource Centre themselves to get placed in high schools, the parents do not go with them," she said.

The Baumgartsbrunn Primary School is situated 26 kilometres west of Windhoek on Farm Baumgartsbrunn. It is a Government boarding school that accommodates 213 learners of which 153 are staying in the hostel.

In response, Councillor for Windhoek Rural Constituency, Arie Frederick said plans are underway to upgrade the school to senior level, so that it can accommodate learners who progress to high school.

He expressed concern over teachers who turn up late for work, sometimes at 10h00, or are absent. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Child Welfare on Monday, 28 September 2015 held the annual celebration of the Day of the Namibian Child at Baumgartsbrunn PS, where learners there prepared a compelling presentation.

In their presentation on the challenges they face on a daily basis and which subsequently affect their performance, the learners called on relevant authorities to provide them with a school bus, to revamp the football pitch and netball court, set up a pre-primary school, fix the stoves and repair their cupboards.

The HOD further expressed concern that the stoves in the hostel kitchen have not been functioning for up to a year now; only one gas stove is functional, which makes it difficult for the kitchen staff to prepare meals at once for 153 learners.

//Hamaseb noted that cupboards are falling apart and learners are forced to bathe in cold water during winter because the water geysers are also not operational.

"We have written letters to the Ministry of Education and the Office of the Education Director but nothing was done up to now," said //Hamaseb.

The Day of the Namibian Child is celebrated annually on 28 September because on that date in 1990, the year of independence, Namibia ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in which different rights of children are explained.