Namibia ready to hold hands to create new global co-existence

30 Sep 2015 10:10am

By Maggy Thomas UNITED NATIONS, 30 SEP (NAMPA) -

President Hage Geingob has reaffirmed Namibia's support for the rights of the people of Palestine and Western Sahara to self-determination and national independence.

Speaking for the first time as Namibia?s third President at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on Tuesday, Geingob called upon the UN to assume its full responsibility by implementing all its resolutions and decisions on Palestine with no pre-conditions attached. 

"The onus is on us to ensure that this 70th session of the UN marks the beginning of a unified commitment towards establishing peace in all areas of the world. Let us ensure that no country feels left out of this process. Human rights are not divisible, fundamental freedoms are not divisible, democracy is not divisible, self- determination is not divisible. These apply to all of us as human beings on this planet," he said.

The peoples of Palestine and Western Sahara should therefore be allowed to enjoy their inalienable rights to self-determination and national independence as citizens of the world.

He called for an urgent implementation of all Security Council and General Assembly resolutions, with the aim of holding a free and fair referendum in Western Sahara.

"As we prepare to celebrate the 70th year existence of this organisation, an organisation with which so many of us here share a history and memories of struggle for freedom and dignity, let us ensure that we leave a legacy behind for our future generations, a legacy of peace, unity and the commitment to equitable and sustainable development," the Head of State said.

He explained that the only way the world can overcome challenges is by forming a united front for the advancement of mankind. "Through the United Nations, we have the platform to achieve this. We can either choose to march to the original ideals that led to the formation of the United Nations or we can choose to pursue our ambitions at the expense of others and ourselves. Let us choose nobility, where we overcome our fears, insecurities and prejudices for the sake of shared sustainable development. Let us leave a long lasting legacy which will shape the future of our planet politically, economically and ecologically," Geingob indicated.

He said Namibia is ready to join hands with all nations of the world, to create a new type of global co-existence where no continent, region or country will feel left out.

The Palestinian Authority applied for UN membership in 2011, and in 2012 was granted a non-member observer state status. Western Sahara, formerly the Spanish colony of Spanish Sahara, is a disputed territory claimed by both the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front.

It is listed by the UN as a non-decolonised territory and is thus included in the UN's list of non-self-governing territories.