Layla Fourie Screening in Windhoek!

September 30, 2015, 7:13am

On Wednesday, 07 October 2015, the FNCC, in collaboration with AfricAvenir, presents the Namibian Premiere of ”Layla Fourie” (SA, 2013, 105 min), a sharply crafted psychology and character-driven thriller, directed by Pia Marais. An all-too-rare dose of female perspective from South Africa, about the post-apartheid nation still scarred by guilt, suspicion and lies.

When: Wednesday, 07 October 2015 Time: 18h30
Where: Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre, 118 Robert-Mugabe Ave, Windhoek

Synopsis: With Layla Fourie (SA, 2013), South African director Pia Marais has turned to the genre of the classic suspense thriller for her third film, which sees her returning to South Africa, the place of her childhood. 

The story centres on the title figure, the polygraphist Layla Fourie, who is given the opportunity of proper employment in a company specialising in lie-detection and security. As a single mother, Layla is forced to take her son Kane with her on the trip. However, as they head into the country and what Layla hopes will be the beginning of a real life, an accident occurs which will radically change their lives. A web of lies and deception become firmly wrapped around the young mother and her son and, as their trust is put to the test, it is perhaps just a matter of time before the truth will tear them apart...

“Layla Fourie is set in South Africa, a country that has gone through a complete upheaval“. Marais explains.

“Firstly, it is a film about a young single mother and her son. Yet their relationship and how it evolves throughout the story reflects a certain atmosphere that prevails in this country. One of hope and yet shadowed by distrust. We shot the film in more rural parts of South Africa, north of Durban and in Johannesburg, a very cinematic city,“ Marais adds about shooting in her home country.

"Obviously, South Africa went through a major change since my childhood there, so, for me, it is also a rediscovery."

Layla Fourie features South African actors Terry Norton, Rapulana Seiphemo and is a debut for the young 9 year old Rapule Hendricks. It also stars August Diehl, who starred in SALT and INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

Awards: Special Jury Mention, Berlinale International Film Festival, 2013

Media: “Unimaginable to most non-residents, the paranoia that is part of living in South Africa is realized with subtle specificity in “Layla Fourie,” the third feature from Johannesburg- born helmer Pia Marais, and the first to be set in her home country.” – Variety