70th Session of the General Assembly of the UN

September 29, 2015, 7:37am

Yesterday, 70th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations began. 

Highlights from the debates:

President Xi Jinping, China: He talked about the importance of striving for international unity in order to solve the economic issues facing the world. He said that China wants to make sure the world is secure. Jinping also said that China is stressed to focusing on environmental issues and focusing specifically on Africa. He also announced that China has a new $100 million military fund for the African Union. 



President Vladimir Putin, Russia: He called for an international coalition to fight terrorism. Putin also stressed that the forces that are fighting against Syrian President Basha al-Assad are the armed forces of the regime itself. He said that to refuse to cooperate with them would be a huge mistake as they are, 'valiantly fighting terrorism face to face.' He criticized the West for arming rebels in Syria because they have joined foces with IS. Putin also further criticized the West for its diplomacy, saying that it has caused destruction, violence, and social disaster (he referred to Iraq and Libya)


President Barak Obama, United States of America: He said that he wants the US to focus on diplomacy and that the US is willing to work with Iran and Russia over the Syrian Civil War. Obama also stressed the need for the government of the current President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, to be replaced because of its abuses of human rights. He also acknowledged the dedicated efforts of the UN.


Videos from UN Live
Details regarding speeches from UPI, VOA News, and the International Business Times