Pensioner charged with murder

28 Sep 2015 14:40pm
KATIMA MULILO, 28 SEP (NAMPA) – A 61-year-old pensioner facing a charge of murder was on Monday granted bail of N.dollars 10 000 by the Katima Mulilo Magistrate’s Court.
The State did not oppose bail against Freddy Sinvula Kasungo as there was malicious intent to kill a man, only identified as Musipili, at Makolonga village in the Masokotwani area on Saturday.
Kasungo was arraigned before Magistrate Karl Muyeghu, who said the accused’s freedom is attached with conditions such as handing in travel documents, not to interfere with State witnesses and not to leave the Zambezi Region without the permission or knowledge of the investigating officer.
According to police records, Kasungo was in pursuit of two unidentified thieves who had allegedly broken into his shop and stole goods.
During the chase, one of the thieves managed to escape, while the other was later spotted by Kasungo while in the company of Musipili.
When Musipili noticed Kasungo was carrying a gun and fast approaching the two men, he allegedly jumped up to the accused with the intention to calm him down but was accidentally shot in the process.
Musipili died in the vehicle that was called to transport him to the Katima Mulilo Intermediate Hospital.
The matter was postponed to 19 November 2015 for further police investigation and for Kasungo to obtain legal representation.