Pohamba calls on traditional authorities to be unified

27 Sep 2015 19:50pm


Former President Hifikepunye Pohamba has called on local traditional authorities to work together in unity to develop the Zambezi Region.

Pohamba, who was the keynote speaker at a celebration held by the Mafwe Traditional Authority on Sunday, said the various traditional authorities such as the Mafwe, Mayeyi, Mashi and Masubia have to cooperate.

"When people work together, they develop their region, as there is nobody who will be coming from elsewhere to assist in doing this. We have to develop our country through hard work," Pohamba said.

At the occasion, the former President voiced his displeasure over the absence of some traditional authority chiefs at the Lusata cultural celebrations at Chinchimani village.

He said the absence of the regional chiefs - some not from Zambezi and others from local traditional authorities ? shows a lack of unity.

The event was attended by Members of Parliament, a minister and deputy ministers, and prominent members of the community, including a chief from neighbouring Botswana.

"I do not know if the absent chiefs were not invited like I was, but I am appealing to those who are organising these celebrations to next year extend an invitation to neighbouring traditional authorities. I believe an occasion like this would have been more beautiful if it was attended by other traditional leaders," Pohamba said.

He also heaped praise on Mafwe Traditional Authority chief George Simasiku Mamili for his continued peaceful reigning of the tribe, saying the large attendance of the crowd shows he is a unifier of his people.

Pohamba said he was happy to have witnessed Mamili dressed in his special chieftainship attire and holding with both hands the ivory stick symbolising Lusata.

"This cultural celebration has become a historical event started by former Royal Highness Richard Muhinda. I am happy to be here. This tribe is composed of different groups that made up the Mafwe larger community. For me, these people form unity, which is why they came together to for this event," said Pohamba.

The Lusata celebrations are held annually by the Mafwe tribe's sons and daughter who come together in jubilation to unite with their chief, who also uses the occasion to parade in traditional clothes made of tiger skin or print.