Refugees at Dukwe should be urged to come home: Mamili

27 Sep 2015 17:40pm
CHINCHIMANI, 27 SEP (NAMPA) – Chief Simasiku George Mamili of the Mafwe Traditional Authority has urged all former Caprivi high treason accused to call on the 900 exiled Namibian refugees in Botswana to return home.
Mamili’s call was made in a speech read on his behalf by royal household member, Innocent Mahoto, at the Lusata cultural celebrations here on Sunday. The event celebrates the Mafwe tribe’s traditions and unity.
Mamili said the 35 recently released former secessionist accused should urge Namibian refugees at Dukwe Camp to voluntarily return before the deadline of 31 December 2015, when the cessation clause will be affected.
The group of refugees fled Namibia following the failed bid to secede Caprivi, now renamed the Zambezi Region, from the rest of the country in 1999.
During this period, 132 people were also arrested for high treason, of which 79 have to date been released from custody, while some have passed away. A total of 30 men were found guilty of the crime and are due to be sentenced in the high treason case.
“To those who have been released and found not guilty, I urge you to join the rest of the Namibian house and be identified as such. I request you also as my subjects to make use of this opportunity to call upon the people in the Dukwe refugee camp to come back home before the deadline of December 2015.
“The government has promised that people who return from Dukwe will not be harassed, and this promise is evident to all. Your family and Namibia as a whole need you to make a meaningful and positive contribution in whatever manner possible,” Mahoto read.
Mamili further urged the former accused persons released almost two weeks ago after spending 16 years in custody at the Windhoek Central Prison not to harbour ill feelings but to use the opportunity of their freedom to become progressive citizens.
“Remember that no amount of anger can sort out any problem. I urge you to make use of this opportunity to catch up with the rest of the citizens by being involved in productive and progressive agendas and not to harbour fruitless agendas,” said Mahoto.
Mahoto also said the Mafwe Traditional Authority will assist in whatever way it can to help the former secessionist accused to be integrated back into society and the community of Zambezi.
Governor of Zambezi Region, Lawrence Sampofu used the platform to also asked the community not to be negative towards the former secessionist accused, as he said a competent court found them not guilty of attempting to secede the region.
“Who are you to point fingers if a competent court has found them not guilty of the crime they were accused of? They were found not to be at fault, so let us embrace them and help them where we can,” Sampofu said.