Police find more money on Angolan nationals

24 Sep 2015 08:50am


The Otjozondjupa police has recovered another N.dollars 280 000 from the same Angolan nationals who were found with more than N.dollars 1, 7 million on Tuesday at the Otjiwarongo-Otavi police road block.

The total amount of money found in their possession is now more than N.dollars 2 million.

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol)?s Otjozondjupa Deputy Commissioner, Gerhard Mavenjono told Nampa in an interview on Wednesday the three men aged 23, 33, and 31 years were found with another N.dollars 280 000 on their bodies hidden in socks and pants in the early hours of Wednesday morning at the Otjiwarongo police station.

Mavenjono said the money was found after a thorough body search was conducted on them at the Otjiwarongo police station on Wednesday morning shortly after 24h00.

The men were being escorted to the police holding cells at the time when the extra N.dollars 280 000 was found on their bodies.

On Tuesday evening at approximately 19h00, the three Angolan nationals were stopped at the permanent roadblock on the Otavi-Otjiwarongo road, where the police officers on duty searched their vehicle.

Bank notes, predominantly of the N.dollars 200 denominations worth over N.dollars 1, 7 million were found stashed in their car's trunk; behind the back seat of the vehicle.

Mavenjono said the men could not provide a satisfactory explanation to questions of where the money comes from and why such a large amount of money was in their possession.

The three men were then detained, the money confiscated and their red Hyundai Accent with Angolan registration number plate impounded at the Otjiwarongo police station on Tuesday evening.

Mavenjono said the three men entered Namibia from Angola on Tuesday via the Oshikango border post and were allegedly traveling to Windhoek.

The three men will be charged with contravening Sections 4, 5, and 6 of the Prevention of Organised Crime Act 29 of 2004 (POCA), which deals with money laundering and the acquisition of proceeds of unlawful activities.

The Act prohibits foreign nationals from entering or exiting Namibia with large amounts of money without declaring the funds.

The men are expected to appear in the Otjiwarongo Magistrate's Court in due course.

The total amount of money found in their possession is now more than N.dollars 2 million. Mavenjono said the money will be transported to the Bank of Namibia (BoN) in the capital for safe keeping.

Police investigations in the matter continue.