San people still feel marginalised

23 Sep 2015 18:30pm


Members of the San community still feel marginalised when it comes to decisions about their future. Tsumkwe Constituency councillor Francina Hishekwa-Ghauz said it would be better for them to be represented by people from the San community.

"We don't say Government is not doing anything to improve our lives, but we want to be included in the decision-making process about us," she told Nampa on the side lines of the launch of the Namibian-German Special Initiative Program (NGSIP) livestock revolving project at Gam on Tuesday.

Ghauz cited the time it takes to resolve issues relating to the improvement of the livelihoods of the San, which she says sometimes takes longer than it should. She attributed this delay to the fact that the people directly affected are not considered in most cases when decisions are taken.

Twenty-three families of the San community have been relocated to an area about eight kilometres from the Gam settlement in the Otjozondjupa Region.

The councillor said the decision to take them there was to make it difficult for them to have easy access to drinking outlets in Gam. She told this agency that the relocated people have been living in tents for over two years, a situation she blames on the exclusion of the affected members in matters concerning them.

"We want to be represented by someone who feels and understands our pain," she concluded. (NAMPA) UT/ND