Bank Windhoek brings Coffee House to 2015 Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural show

September 23, 2015, 8:20am

Bank Windhoek’s popular Coffee House is coming to the 2015 Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural show from Friday, 25 September, to Saturday, 3 October.

Visitors to the show will be met by friendly Bank Windhoek staff that will educate and explain how the Bank’s different products can be blended to custom-fit a client’s needs.

The Bank Windhoek stall, which is located in the Main Hall, is themed according to a coffee house and aims to make visitors aware of the Bank’s excellent products and how they can be combined.

“A bank is somewhat similar to a culinary experience. It takes the perfect blend of flavours to make a moment that you are able to savour. For many coffee drinkers it is not only a daily ritual, but a way of life,” says Marlize Horn, Executive Officer: Group Marketing and Corporate Communication Services at Bank Windhoek.

“Our products work in a similar way. To fully appreciate what we can do for our clients we encourage you to enhance your banking experience by complimenting the services you currently use with the many undiscovered offerings available,” Horn explains.

Based on various varieties of coffee blends, Bank Windhoek “barista’s” will show visitors to this year’s Windhoek Show how they can perfectly blend different products to suit their lifestyles.

Bank Windhoek’s Social Investment Beneficiaries will this year again exhibit at the Windhoek show at the Bank Windhoek Social Investment Corner in the Main Hall.

Bank Windhoek will again host the 7-a-side soccer tournaments for farm labourers and schools.

The Seven-a-Side Soccer Tournament for farm labourers will take place from 28 September 2015 to 1 October 2015, at the show grounds.

Workers from all participating studs exhibiting livestock at the show can take part in the event.

Registration takes place on 27 September and games will be played from Monday, 28 September 2015 to Thursday, 1 October 2015 between 18:00 and 21:00.

The 7-a-side tournament for schools will also take place from 28 September but matches will be played between 14:30 to 17:30.

On Sunday, 27 September, Bank Windhoek will host a welcoming braai for all the farm labourers and their employees.

Bank Windhoek will this year also sponsor the small livestock section at the show.