Brendan Simbwaye awards teachers and learners

20 Sep 2015 17:30pm
KATIMA MULILO, 20 SEP (NAMPA) – The Brendan Simbwaye Primary School in Zambezi Region on Friday hosted its first-ever prize giving ceremony for best performing learners and teachers.
The event took place at the school premises, and 361 learners were awarded certificates in core curriculum and academic performance, while 14 teachers were awarded certificates for good performance and that of their learners, especially the ones who obtained 10 A-symbols.
A total of 109 learners were awarded certificates for core curriculum subjects, while 252 learners got certificates for academic performance in different subjects.
Speaking at the event, Education Chief Inspector, Leonard Sinvula said the ceremony serves as a motivation platform for both learners and teachers to aim for greater achievements and tackle challenges with a sense of pride.
“This occasion gives us the window on the kind of good and excellence that has come and will continue to come out of Brendan Simbwaye Primary School.
“This is an important step as it is introspective in character. Aim high and keep challenging yourself,” Sinvula said.
He called on school management to continue working hand in hand with parents of learners, saying educating children is a shared responsibly with the community at large.
“The involvement of parents in educating their children is the key to success. Parents are empowered through school boards to play a significant role in the management and smooth running of our schools.
“The school-community relationship is an ingredient to sustaining a proper functioning school,” said Sinvula.
The school has been performing well since 2000, said Principal Imelda Lisho, adding that the achievements of teachers and learners are noticeable.
The current school enrolment stands at 1 595 learners and 64 staff members, making it the most populated primary school in the Zambezi Region. The school also boasts an 80 per cent pass rate.
“The core curriculum and curriculum disciplines and achievements of teachers and learners have only been noticed verbally during the past years.
“This to me was not enough and that is why we decided to appreciate the efforts and achievements of teachers and learners by awarding them with certificates,” Lisho said.