UDF wishes to rule all Erongo municipalities

20 Sep 2015 10:50am
SWAKOPMUND, 20 SEP (NAMPA) - The United Democratic Front of Namibia (UDF) party wishes to dominate the local authorities in Erongo Region in terms of representation by its councillors.
They plan to do that through aggressive Local Authority Election campaigns set to start early next month.
The 2015 Regional and Local Authorities elections are expected to take place in November.
In Erongo, UDF is represented by two councillors in the Arandis and Usakos municipalities, while Swakopmund, Henties Bay, Karibib and Walvis Bay have one UDF councillor each.
Speaking at the first meeting to prepare for the campaigns at Swakopmund on Saturday, UDF secretary for the Swakopmund branch, Marius !Uwu-Gaeb indicated that the party wants to increase its representation in all municipalities in Erongo.
“The municipalities should be ours. It must only be our members ruling there and we should not be satisfied with only one councillor in each municipality.
“That is what we are fighting for. We know it is close to impossible but we will work hard to achieve it,” said !Uwu-Gaeb.
He said the campaigns will focus on motivating the youth to vote and be active participants in political matters because they are the leaders of tomorrow.
“We need more votes to penetrate new grounds and that is only possible if we work hard and in unison. We must have confidence and be proud of ourselves,” he told a gathering of not more than 10 people.
!Uwu-Gaeb further encouraged young supporters of the UDF to regularly attend party meetings, be in contact with senior leaders to get advice and also give their input on development matters and how to grow the party.
“As young people, let us not just see ourselves as voters but also as people who will be councillors and party secretaries in the near future,” he encouraged the audience.
At the same meeting, !Uwu-Gaeb revealed his intention to compete in the Swakopmund Local Authority Election with the hope to win and be the party’s second representative on that council.
He said his participation in the 2015 Swakopmund Constituency by-election was just a start and learning experience for more challenges to undertake.
!Uwu-Gaeb managed to gather 497 votes from the by-election while the DTA of Namibia’s candidate, Christa Magrietha Hochobes, got 762 votes.
The National Unity Democratic Organisations (NUDO)’s Uahimisa Kaapehi received the least votes of 358.
Swapo’s Juuso Kambueshe won the by-election with a whopping 2 621 votes.