Herero Mall woman still missing

18 Sep 2015 16:20pm
WINDHOEK, 18 SEP (NAMPA) - Nandiuasora Michel Kandjii, the woman who went missing in August from the Herero Mall in Windhoek, has still not been found.
This was confirmed by the stepmother of the missing woman, Otja Kandjii, in a telephonic interview with Nampa on Wednesday.
Nandiuasora, 20, did not return home after she went to the Herero Mall on 20 August.
According to Otja, both of her stepdaughter’s cellphones are switched off.
“All we receive are calls from people who are making a joke out of our misfortune,” Otja said, adding that people call and for instance say Nandiuasora is renting a room at their house.
Otja told this news agency they are relying on the police to find her, and have been asked by the police to give them a chance to locate the missing woman.
The police told them the only person who can trace someone using their cellphone, even if it is switched off, is not available at the moment.
“The police told us that this person is busy at the moment and they’ll come back to us in due course,” she said.
Namibian Police Force (NamPol)’s spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi confirmed the incident.
He requested that the family and members of the public contact the police if they obtain any information.
He said they should also contact the police if she is found.
“Sometimes the person is found but the police are not informed,” Kanguatjivi said.
Nandiuasora allegedly had drinks with friends when an unknown man joined them.
The man allegedly asked her to go to a certain club with him, but after she told her friends about the invitation, the friends refused to go and she too declined the invitation.
She then apparently received a phone call and stepped outside the bar to answer the phone, and that was the last time she was seen.
Anyone with information about her whereabouts is requested to contact the nearest police station.