Poly cultural festival in full swing

13 Aug 2013 12:00


The Polytechnic Cultural Festival was officially opened today, a day after their parade kicked off the week’s festivities in Independence Avenue on Monday 12 August 2013.

The theme for this year’s event is Sada !Gao !Gaob, Sada #Nisasib, Sada !Goaxa //aeb, which translates from Nama to our roots, our pride, our future. The opening event saw the multitude of attendants treated to songs and dances by a variety of cultural troupes, including the Nama dancers, Oshiwambo dancers, Caprivi dancers as well as the Polytechnic choir.

The event also served as a platform to unveil the Mr. And Miss Polytechnic 2013 finalists who will partake in the pageant on Friday.

Minister of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture, Jerry Ekandjo, stated that the week-long activities will not only serve to remind the public of who they are as Namibians, but also showcase what Namibians have to contribute to the global multicultural milieu.

“Such an elaborate programme will provide students a valuable opportunity to experience and express traditional and contemporary culture and at the same time sending the message that managing our culture and embracing its diversity are important vehicles to harmonious and peaceful existence,” said Ekandjo.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate the Polytechnic for having been granted the status of a university of science and technology.

He added that it was an idea that has come at the right moment in history as the name changes, so will the institution’s mandate to focus on studies in the science and technology fields.

“I need to make the point that first and foremost our science and technology will thrive only when there is a deeper scientific understanding of our own cultural context,” said Ekandjo.