Bank Windhoek employees support local communities through empathy project

September 18, 2015, 9:53am

TEAM WORK: The Bank Windhoek Rundu branch constructed a kitchen for the Visually Impaired Centre based in the informal settlement, Sauyemwa, Rundu in the Kavango East Region.

Employees of branches and departments of Bank Windhoek across Namibia have actively supported the Bank’s 2015 Annual Employee Empathy Project, aimed at reaching out to local communities. This initiative is funded by the Bank Windhoek Social Investment Fund and is coordinated by the Bank’s Brand Ambassadors in its branches and departments.

The recently concluded Empathy Project encourages staff members to become actively involved in their communities and to positively assist specific causes in their communities.

Annually, each Bank Windhoek branch and department receives funding from the Bank Windhoek Social Investment Fund. The branches and departments then identifies a welfare organisation or project in the community in which they live and work and assists the said organisation according to their specific needs.

The organisation of choice for Bank Windhoek Oranjemund is the crèche, Catherine Day Care Centre.

“We chose this crèche because during July the building and all their belongings were destroyed in a fire,” says Tracey Noble from Bank Windhoek Oranjemund.

“The crèche was left with nothing not even a roof over their heads. We decided to reach out to them and asked what they need because we would really like to help them rebuild the crèche.

“We used our allocated amount to donate various goods, such as toys and educational gear to help start rebuilding the crèche,” said Noble.

Bank Windhoek Rundu branch selected the Visually Impaired Centre based in the informal settlement, Sauyemwa, Rundu in the Kavango East Region.

““We decided on the Visually Impaired Centre because they are neglected compared to other charitable organisations,” said Sharon Amporo from Bank Windhoek Rundu.

Another reason they chose this project, was due to an increase in the number of clients at the branch that are visually impaired.

“Since our clients form a big part of the Bank Windhoek family, we opted to go with the slogan –‘Charity begins at Home’.”

With the assistance of local businessman RA Karora, the Rundu Branch constructed a kitchen for the centre. They also donated food that can be prepared in the new kitchen.

“This was an awesome, great experience, very memorable and eye opening. Helping the visually impaired, helped us understand our local community better,” said Amporo.

“As a responsible corporate citizen, we at Bank Windhoek will continue to play a role in supporting and assisting our communities and showing that together we can do so much better. We are very proud of our staff who supports this Empathy project so passionately every year and who volunteers their time to support specific projects in their communities,” said Marlize Horn, Executive Officer: Group Marketing & Corporate Communication Services at Bank Windhoek.

Children from the Catherine Day Care Centre in Oranjemund, received a donation from Bank Windhoek Oranjemund branch, after their crèche burnt down.