Van Wyk Contractors to supply dog licence tags

17 Sep 2015 09:30am


The City of Windhoek (CoW) has awarded the tender for the supply of dog licence tags to Van Wyk Contractors Services.

The contract is valid as from 01 October 2015 and was awarded at a cost of N.dollars 20 760 per year for a period of three years, CoW's Communications Manager Joshua Amukugo told Nampa on Tuesday.

"The procurement process has been completed and the supplier has been appointed, and is expected to start supplying us with the licence tags," he said.

Amukugo stressed that once enough tags have been made available to meet the current backlog, the public will be informed so they can collect their dog licence tags.

The fees, effective from 01 July 2015, have also been set. Licences for unsterilised bitches are N.dollars 33 and N.dollars 16.50 for male dogs and sterilised bitches.

Licences must be obtained annually for all dogs older than six months. A penalty of 10 per cent of the tax amount is added per month after the end of February each year.

Amukugo explained that the municipality stopped issuing dog licences last year because the supplier's contract ended and was not renewed on time.

The CoW thereafter experienced a delay in the procurement of a new licence supplier.

The Communications Manager explained that the licence tag is important because it contains information linking the dog to its owner. The tag is placed on the dog's collar. Its colour differs every year and the year it is issued is printed on the tag.

"It is very important for dog owners to use the tags so dogs can be easily identified," said Amukugo.