Potholes problematic on Onhuno-Eenhana road

17 Sep 2015 09:30am


The Onhuno-Eenhana Road is in a bad condition as it has developed several big potholes over the last year.

Local motorists have started complaining about the bad shape the road is in and are demanding that the Roads Authority (RA) of Namibia rehabilitate it.

The road covers a distance of about 45 kilometres (km) from Onhuno to Eenhana, and also forms part of the Okongo-Nkurenkuru Road in the east.

The road serves as a linkage between the Ohangwena and Kavango West regions. Approached for comment earlier this week, RA spokesperson Hileni Fillemon told Nampa the company last month appointed a contractor to fix the potholes.

"The contractor will continue maintaining the road until we commence with the rehabilitation process," Fillemon explained. She did not say who the contractor is.

According to a Bank of Namibia (BoN) report titled "Infrastructure Financing in Namibia" of September 2014, Namibia has a well-established road infrastructure network of about 46,376km, some of which need urgent rehabilitation.

The Oshana Region has about 149km of road that is currently under construction or rehabilitation, with projects implemented between 2016 and 2030 estimated to cost N.dollars 179 million.