Kaura’s appointment threat to opposition in Kunene

15 Sep 2015 22:40pm
WINDHOEK, 15 SEP (NAMPA) – While some political parties view the appointment of veteran politician, Katuutire Kaura as political maturity, the same appointment appears as a threat to others.
Former leader of the DTA of Namibia, Kaura was on Tuesday officially appointed as advisor to the Governor of the Kunene Region, which has raised more questions than answers among some opposition parties. Kaura by telephone confirmed his appointment to that position to Nampa.
According to a media statement Nampa received on Tuesday, NUDO of Namibia views the decision of the Namibian Head of State as a strategic, clandestine and well orchestrated move by Kaura himself and which the Swapo Party extends.
There are views among some of the opposition parties that this could be Swapo's effort to penetrate the Kunene Region in the upcoming Regional and Local Authority Elections, scheduled for November this year.
The Kunene Region has been dominated by two opposition parties, United Democratic Front (UDF) and the DTA, as Swapo holds only one constituency out of the seven, the Outjo-constituency, while the DTA has power over the Epupa and Opuwo constituencies and UDF over Kamanjab, Khorixas and Sesfontein constituencies.
In the media statement, presidential spokesperson of NUDO, Joseph Kauandenge, said the decision for Swapo to bring Kaura in that capacity is a clear indication of the ruling party's intention to win the Kunene Region in the upcoming elections.
He confessed to NAMPA that Kaura's appointment is a threat to opposition parties in Namibia, “By bringing a key figure of the DTA and thereby neutralizing the DTA dominance in that region, and by extension also neutralizing the NUDO votes in that region.”
Kauandenge called for opposition parties to realize that the more they remain fragmented, the more they give room for Swapo to secure them a place in the political dustbin.
The re-elected Chairperson of the DTA Youth League, Benson Katjirijova, told Nampa in a telephonic interview that Kaura's appointment to serve in that position is a sign of political maturity.
“We will only be certain of the clarity of the motive and the whole appointment process, if he (Kaura) does not join Swapo after the appointment,” Katjirijova said.
“Should the appointment be based on our speculation, then Swapo has picked the wrong person, because Kaura has no support,” Katjirijova said.
Kaura did not waste time responding to the views of the opposition, including that of his own party, the DTA.
“Once you are appointed or elected to an office, you don't serve your political party, but the entire nation and I have been serving the Namibian nation since independence and that is what I will be doing,” Kaura told Nampa in a telephonic interview.
Identified as a veteran politician, Kaura was part of the Constituent Assembly that drafted the Namibian Constitution before independence. Her served as the DTA’s vice president from 1989 to 1998 and president from 1998 to 2013. He was also a member of the National Assembly since independence.