TMI flourishing the construction industry

September 15, 2015, 6:24am

By Philani Nkomo for Prime Focus Magazine

As Namibia is fast developing with different structures being constructed all over the country the demand for concrete is high and is increasing.

TMI Industrial Concrete Works (TMI) has penetrated an industry that indirectly contributes to the country’s economy by providing material for road infrastructure over the past six years. It has produced products for roads such as those in Rundu, Outapi and Otavi.

Since its inception in 2009, TMI has a stuff compliment of 15 permanent and over 70 temporary staff. The project manager for TMI; Salatiel Kaapangelwa says 90 percent of the employees come into the company as unskilled workers. “Each employee is given a comprehensive training and is able to learn from other employees who are more advanced," he says.

Thus, TMI generally employs people who have skills in brick laying and for the unqualified labour it is it is important to be in good physical health as the work requires a lot of manual labour.

Kaapangelwa notes that currently the government tendering process does not give direct orders or procurement to TMI or any other manufacturer. “The products we manufacture must be bought by the company that gets the tender. It is then up to the company to decide whether to buy from a manufacturer like TMI or manufacture on their own,” he explains.

He believes that if Namibia is to be an industrialised country, the Government should procure direct to the manufacturer and payment should be done in the manufacturer’s account once product has been manufactured. The company that was a branch of Tulimo-Mekondjo Investments cc provides for customers like civil and electrical contractors, town councils, landscape gardeners, private builders and locals who are busy with different forms of construction.

“TMI was established right after I left the City of Cape Town when my work visa expired. As I could not sit idle at home while waiting for both the work visa and South African permanent residence to be processed, I came up with a business idea to manufacture rare concrete products,” he says.

“Most of our products are used when servicing new land in towns and at the end of most government capital projects, we manufacture Barrier or Mountable kerb, Garden kerb, Road Gui...

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