DTA Youth League re-elects Katjirijova as SG

15 Sep 2015 07:00am
WINDHOEK, 15 SEP (NAMPA) – The DTA of Namibia Youth League (DTAYL) re-elected Bensen Katjirijova as the Secretary-General after a three-day congress at the weekend.
The youth league’s Deputy Secretary-General is Yvette Araes, while Immanuel Shikongo was elected as Chairperson and his deputy is Felicia Motinga. Vakamuina Kamutueze was also re-elected as the Secretary of Finance.
At a media conference here on Monday, Katjirijova said the road has not been easy and the youth had to overcome various challenges in order to affirm unity and purpose in the league.
“I will strive to be an open and accommodating leader and shall welcome any criticism or new ideas. I urge all DTAYL members to come and see me if they have any programmes or strategies that they would like implemented. I do not intend to lead or craft policies in a vacuum, but I intend to lead holistically and in an all-inclusive manner, and the same shall apply to my team,” he said.
There will always be individuals or camps pit against each other as adversaries or competitors, but Katjirijova said he believed that once democracy has spoken, it is important for all party members to reach out to each other and unite their common goals as DTAYL.
He emphasised that he does not regard any party member as an enemy, but as an integral part of the party. He called on party members to contact the senior management committee to put their ideas on the table.
The 2015 DTAYL congress also elected the members of the Central Committee, which comprises the 14 Regional Youth Chairpersons, as well as 14 other regional nominees, and is completed by members of the National Executive Committee.
The three-day congress that started here on Friday and ended on Sunday elected a new leadership, including a new executive committee. It also adopted a new constitution that provides a platform for policy direction in the party’s youth league.