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September 14, 2015, 11:22am

Zeraeua throne dispute sours

The on-going feud between two groups fighting over the chieftaincy of the Zeraeua Royal House has turned ugly and a request for State House to intervene has been made.
The royal fight resurfaced after allegations from one of the disputants, the Ovakweyuva clan said they want President Geingob to step in as they feel left out and claim justice is being delayed by corrupt individuals involved in the case.
Since the death of the late Chief Christian Eerike Zeraeua of the Zeraeua Royal House in 2012, his succession has been under dispute. Zeraeua’s son Manasse is the current leader but Raphael Kapia of the Ovakweyuva clan is opposing (Manasse) Zeraeua’s claim as legitimate sucessor.
Spokesperson of the Ovakweyuva clan, Manfred Rukoro said the appointment of an investigation committee in October 2014 by the then Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, has not given any feedback yet....

By Kenya Kambowe

Knives out for Windhoek Rural councillor

President Hage Geingob has vowed to intervene after Groot Aub residents said Windhoek Rural Constituency Councillor Frederick Arie has been elected for his personal interests only.
One of the residents Cecil Titus told Geingob that there is no leadership in the Windhoek Rural Constituency and further accused Fredericks of corruption. The allegations against Arie came to light during Geingob’s meeting with community members on Friday. The beleaguered Arie also attended the meeting.
“We know that land allocations were frozen in 2003, but despite that people have been flocking to Groot Aub for land,” said Titus. Geingob, however, interjected and asked why Titus was using the platform to settle scores.
“I have visited eight places and it is the first time that people felt that they must use the platform to settle scores. We will organise a special intervention to look into this matter,” Geingob said. Despite a 2003 moratorium not to allocate more land at the settlement, Arie has been accused of dishing out plots at the settlement and surrounding farms.
The Khomas Regional Council had expressed concern for the influx of new people to Groot Aub...

Jemima Beukes

Local coaches back Welwitschias

A week before Namibia takes on the mighty All Blacks of New Zealand, Namibians are all hyped up for the country’s first match at the 2015 Rugby World Cup.
Local rugby Premier League coaches expressed their excitement about Namibia’s team to the World Cup.
Sport Wrap spoke to some of the coaches and all are optimistic about the Welwitschias performance at this year’s World Cup.
Trustco United rugby club’s coach Jood Opperman said the team is well prepared and knows that the players are in good condition.
Opperman said the coach and his staff have devoted much of their time ensuring that the boys are in good shape.
He said Namibia’s first game against the All Blacks is great motivation for the team, urging them to use it as an advantage for the rest of the games.
“I wish them great participation at the World Cup, and know that playing All Blacks as the first game is good motivation and must use that advantage when they play the other three teams,” he stressed....

Kaino Nghitongo

Courtesy Namibian Sun