Dr Kalumbi Shangula FC suspends players on alcohol abuse charges

14 Sep 2015 13:00pm
ONGWEDIVA, 14 SEP (NAMPA) – The leadership of the Dr Kalumbi Shangula Football Club (FC) at Etilyasa in the Omusati Region has suspended five of its players because of alcohol abuse.
The club made history by being the first sports club in the Omusati Region, if not in the country, to temporarily show players the door for abusing alcohol.
The team plays in the village-based football league of the Omusati Region’s Otamanzi Constituency, under which Etilyasa falls.
The club’s football manager, Iita Noa disclosed the suspension of the players in a telephonic interview with Nampa from Etilyasa on Sunday.
“I am not prepared to lead a team of players who abuse alcohol, hence my recommendation to the club’s leadership for five of my players to be suspended until they change their behaviour,” Noa said.
He declined to reveal the names of the suspended players, arguing that disclosing their identities might publicly tarnish their image while they remain members of the club.
Noa pointed out that the suspension of the players in question commenced on 06 September.
According to Noa, before their suspension the players were on several occasions spotted indulging heavily in alcohol at cuca shops or shebeens in and around Etilyasa village.
“They can only be accepted back into the team on 01 January next year once we have noticed that they have indeed changed their attitude,” he said.
Asked if his team will not face a shortage of players as a result of the suspension, Noa boasted that local players’ interest in his team has increased since its renaming after Dr Kalumbi Shangula in July this year.
He noted that 40 young footballers are playing under his team at this stage and, as such, the suspension of five players will not be a big loss.
The team was formed as Onekango Eleven Star FC in 2001 by local boys before its renaming after Dr Kalumbi Shangula, retired Permanent Secretary in the Environment and Tourism Ministry and a resident of Etilyasa village.