Rundu Caretakers clean up Rundu Beach

14 Sep 2015 07:20am
RUNDU, 14 SEP (NAMPA) – The Rundu Caretakers Group has spearheaded a massive clean-up campaign at Rundu Beach, a local leisure spot which is especially popular on weekends.
It is the only local recreational facility where many of the town’s residents, especially young people, spend their Saturdays and Sundays with family and friends having a braai or just relaxing at the river side, one of the founders of Rundu Caretakers, Jerry Kauyu told Nampa on Saturday.
Kauyu said despite Rundu Beach being well-known even outside the town, it does not live up to its reputation.
Having made use of the leisure spot themselves many times, members of the group came to realise that it was in fact full of litter and the facilities in a deteriorated state.
“Something has to be done as the Rundu Town Council has tried to keep the place clean but it is also up to the community to maintain and keep it clean,” Kauyu said.
Kauyu, an employee of Bank Windhoek Rundu, decided to start the group with two friends - John Muyamba, a journalist of the New Era newspaper, and Christine Shimuketa – to mobilise other community members to join a clean-up campaign at the leisure spot.
To get the community involved in the campaign the group used social media platforms, placed advertisements on radio and approached business people and schools for support as they too make use of the area.
“The town council is doing a lot for the town. If we leave everything to the council, a lot will be done but not enough work will be accomplished. Such projects need involvement from the community,” Kauyu said.
Rundu Caretakers is also planning to clean up the central business district and other local areas in future.
Kauyu said the clean-up campaign received a lot of support from prominent businesses such as Rundu Pharmacy, Armstrong Construction, M&D Construction, Otja Trading and Spectrum Engineering.
Armstrong and M&D Construction volunteered the services of 35 of their employees to help with the cleaning and equipment to assist with picking up the litter.
Kauyu said Rundu Pharmacy planned to plant trees at Rundu Beach but due to other commitments could not make it, and thus assisted the group by donating funds.
The group also brought in learners from the Dr Romanus Kampungu Secondary School who came dressed in their school uniforms.
Clearly enthusiastic and happy to be assisting the leaners could be seen collecting refuse such as plastic and glass bottles, cans and other waste along the banks of the river and elsewhere.
The Rundu Town Council’s Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Makayi said the clean-up is a good initiative.
Employees of the town council’s Environmental Public Health Division also joined the campaign.