Helao Nafidi trade fair to target Angolan businesses

September 13, 2015, 5:28pm

Helao Nafidi trade fair to target Angolan businesses

The Helao Nafidi town council is targeting businesses from neighbouring Angola for this year’s Nelao Nafidi trade fair to boost the town’s economy. 

The town, which is situated in the Ohangwena region on the border with Angola, will have its annual trade fair in October 

Local economic development officer Selma Shekuza-Kapenda thus feels that the town will be hoping to attract a strong presence of Angolan businesses. 

“The main goal for this year’s expo is to promote the town, and promote local businesses. 

We hope to attract a number of Angolan exhibitors to the expo as we have had success with them in the past, and their presence is an economic boost to the town. 

Locally, there is a strong presence of businesses with hand-made products which we hope to promote,” stated Shekuza-Kapenda. 

She further said the culture competition known as ‘Uudano weengobe’, where cattle owners bring their stock to compete and show off who has the fattest and best-looking animals, will also give the event a unique cultural edge. 

With an influx of people coming into the town over that period, she said the town’s local museum and the residence of Queen Martha Mwadinomho Christian Nelumbu could serve as attraction sites during that week as the town does not have many tourism spots. 

“We would like to bring in Ministries to showcase information at the expo, besides just the kapana and drinks vendors,” Shekuza- Kapenda explained. 

She further said the growth of the expo in recent years is helping local businesses broaden their brands beyond the town. 

“We are anticipating a big growth. 

In 2014, we only had a tent to host our exhibitors. However, this year, we have a hall big enough for the numbers we are anticipating. 

We had 49 business exhibitors at the trade fair last year, and 58 food and beverage vendors. 

This year, we already have 57 business exhibitors registered, with two from South Africa, two from Angola and two from Tanzania. We also have 78 vendors. We are targeting 86-100 business exhibitors,” Shekuza-Kapenda noted.

Andreas Kathindi