Police officer shot, arrests attackers

12 Sep 2015 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 12 SEP (NAMPA) – A City Police officer carried out an arrest after he was shot in his right leg by a suspect while on ordinary patrol on Saturday morning.
The 40-year-old Justus Shatipamba was on duty with a member of a neighbourhood watch group in Windhoek, patrolling the Central Business District (CBD) when the incident occurred.
City Police spokesperson Assistant Superintendent Cillie Auala told Nampa members of the public witnessed two men getting robbed of their personal belongings by a group of seven suspects in Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue at the Puma filling station.
The suspects allegedly took off but were soon intercepted and chased by Shatipamba after the witnesses saw him patrolling the area and alerted him.
She said he followed them into Werner List Street near the Roman Catholic Hospital where he ordered them to stop.
“As he was getting out of the vehicle, he heard one of the suspects cock their gun. He immediately got back into the van and ducked his head to avoid getting shot,” she said.
The suspect allegedly fired the first shot through the van’s window which missed Shatipamba and the passenger.
The suspect allegedly fired another shot which hit the calf of his right leg which was still outside the van.
Shatipamba allegedly got out of the vehicle and managed to arrest two suspects from the group. He locked them in the van before he realised that he was injured, while four others got away.
The neighbourhood watch member who was in the van arrested the third suspect from the group.
Auala said Shatipamba is receiving treatment at the Roman Catholic Hospital and is in a stable condition.
She said the four suspects have also been arrested, but the firearm has not yet been recovered.