Eenhana gets open market office

10 Sep 2015 17:50pm
EENHANA, 10 SEP (NAMPA) - Harelbeke City in Belgium and the Eenhana Town Council has funded the construction of an office for the Eenhana Open Market to the tune of N.dollars 157 000.
Harelbeke City contributed N.dollars 137 000 towards its construction, while the rest of the funds were contributed by the Eenhana Town Council.
Speaking during the inauguration of the office on Thursday, Eenhana Mayor Julia Shikongo said the construction of the office forms part of an agreement signed by her town council and Harelbeke City in November 2007.
The twinning agreement is aimed at enhancing Eenhana’s economy, with several successful projects such as youth development, socio-economic development and health-related matters targeted.
“This office will make it easier for the council to deliver services to the open market traders, since they will not have to walk to the main office to access information they are seeking,” Shikongo told those who attended the inauguration function.
She added that it was a challenge for the open market traders to leave their businesses and walk to the council office when they needed information.
Shikongo noted that as the town is developing, it is experiencing an influx of people seeking job opportunities, as well as those who want to conduct business, of which the majority are small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
The open market accommodates 200 SME traders who sell various products ranging from clothes to foodstuff.
The mayor encouraged the open market traders to use the space as a stepping stone to bigger businesses instead of remaining SMEs.
“We are happy that we could work efficiently on the open market and that we could support the construction of the open market office,” Harelbeke City’s Mayor Alain Top said while speaking at the event.
Top said the presence of the open market office will provide great opportunities for both the customers and traders.
Besides Top, the Harelbeke delegation included deputy mayor Filip Kets, local economic officer Martin Van de Buery and city link coordinator Mieke Vandoorne.
The Harelbeke delegation arrived at Eenhana on Sunday and leaves for Windhoek on Friday.