Namibians love Toyota, Old Mutual and MTC concludes ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey

September 10, 2015, 7:05am


Namibians love Toyota, Old Mutual and MTC concludes ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey


Domestic and international brands fare well in first ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey conducted in Namibia

Namibians show that when it comes to price-quality ratio, companies and brands ranging from Toyota, Old Mutual and MTC to Unilever, Bakpro, and Intercape have come out on top in their respective categories in the ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey.


Surveyed for the ICERTIAS Best Buy Award, respondents were asked, on the basis of their personal experience of specified products or service categories in the Namibian market, what they felt best represented value for their money, that is, the best price-quality ratio.

Approximately 50 different non-economic and economic categories in sectors such as retail, food, footwear, clothing, cosmetics, home appliances, telecommunications and finances were addressed in the survey.


Presented with open-ended questions, respondents had free choosing of products and service providers when answering their preferences.

The ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey shows that both domestic and international brands fared well. When asked for the instant soup category which instant soup producer offers, in their personal experience, the best price-quality ratio in Namibia, the majority of Namibians answered “Knorr”. In the insurance company category, Old Mutual was voted best in category, while Tafel assumed the number one position in the beer category.

Tastic (rice), Toyota (family cars), Rama (margarine), Five Roses (tea producer), MTC (mobile payment solution), Bakpro (flour), Coca-Cola (soft drink), HP (laptop/notebook), Country Fresh (ice cream), Colgate (toothpaste), KWV (spirit brand/producer), CTM (textile), Neo (interior wall paint), Wernhil Park (shopping mall), Nammilk (milk), Samsung (smartphone), Marathon (sugar) and Intercape (bus operating company) all came first place in their categories in the ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey.


These findings come from the first Best Buy Award research survey conducted in Namibia in July 2015 by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS. ICERTIAS measures the experience and level of satisfaction expressed by surveyed participants with the price-quality ratio of marketed products and services.


It should be noted that the ICERTIAS Best Buy Award survey does not measure brand equity or market share. This research provides insight into the customer’s personal experiences, opinions, satisfaction and perceptions, which are used exclusively to gauge the price-quality ratio of goods and services in the market.




Methodology and Sampling


The 2015/2016 ICERTIAS Best Buy Award research survey on Namibia was conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH. The survey was conducted in July 2015 using a web questionnaire on a sample of 1,200 Namibian Internet users aged 15 and over, following the Computer Assisted Web Interviewing - Deep Mind Awareness (CAWI - DEEPMA) method.


This is only an overview of the full research conducted by ICERTIAS. Should you wish to acquire more in depth details of the survey please do not hesitate to contact us.


About the ICERTIAS Best Buy Award Project


More than ever, buyers are becoming more savvy and selective, seeking out better value for their money. When making final purchasing decisions the price and quality of each product is taken into consideration. The ratio between a good price and the best possible quality (the so-called best buy) is extremely important to customers.


The ICERTIAS Best Buy Award is a project of ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH, based in Zurich, Switzerland.


The ICERTIAS Best Buy Award research mission is to gain insight into user experiences and perceptions of products and services that customers consider to provide the best price and quality ratio (the so-called best buy).


The ICERTIAS Best Buy Award project and certificate aims to simplify the search for the best goods and services at the most favourable price. It is intended to benefit buyers in local and international markets.


The ICERTIAS Best Buy Award research study is conducted according to the provisions of the International Codex for the Implementation of Market and Social Research, which were adopted by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the European Association of Research Experts (ESOMAR).