No medals yet from Namibia's karatekas at AAG

09 Sep 2015 10:20am
By Hesron Kapanga
KINTELE, 09 SEP (NAMPA) – Namibia’s karatekas have thus far not earned a medal at the 11th All Africa Games (AAG) underway in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo.
Namibia’s sole female karateka, Katelin Shannon Martin, on Monday missed out on a bronze medal after losing to Viviane Ambani from Cameroon with a 1-4 score.
Before the third-place play-off, Martin won against Landu Tshiaba of the Democratic Republic of Congo and in her second fight lost to Sarah Sayed, the 2011 Maputo Games’ defending champion from Egypt.
Despite the loss, she qualified to the quarterfinals, where she defeated Ballo Aissata from Mali to qualify for a bronze medal fight, but lost that fight.
Speaking to Nampa on Tuesday, Karate team manager Leonard Martin said it is impressive to see Namibia’s only female representative at the games put on a great performance and they are hopeful she will become an example for other females in the country.
“This is the first time that we brought a female representative to the All Africa Games and she did not disappoint us. She is just 17 years old and this shows that in the future, she might do better.
“We are now hoping that other female athletes will look at this and start joining the sport, because we need to have more women representatives at any events that we will participate in from now on,” said Martin.
Other Namibian martial artists who did not make it to the next round in their individual Kumite (freestyle fight) are Rudolf de Wet Moolman, Nicol Sibeso, Zaid Ely, Diego Brandt, Nathaniel Anaene and Paul Mwiya.
Team events will start on Wednesday and Namibia has five male karatekas in that category.
There are 79 Namibian athletes representing the country at the African Games, which commenced on Friday and ends on 19 September 2015.
About 8 000 athletes from 54 countries are competing in 22 sports codes, including track and field as well as swimming for athletes with disabilities.
Namibia is participating in athletics, boxing, cycling, karate, swimming, tennis, table tennis, gymnastics, and sports for the disabled.