Guesthouse brothel in disguise

September 9, 2015, 4:31am

Guesthouse brothel in disguise

A bed-and-breakfast guest house in Windhoek North has been accused of being a front for a brothel. 

The accusations came to light last weekend when a couple from out-of-town booked into what they thought was a guest house, only to be kicked out a couple of hours later. 

A spectator, who spoke anonymously to The Villager newspaper, said she was made aware of the goings-on at Franck Stone Guesthouse after the City Police were called to settle a dispute. 

Recounting the events which transpired after she had spoken to the booted couple, the source said the duo were in town from Rehoboth to see a doctor because one of them was not feeling well. 

“The man was weak and frail, and he could not even sit up. You could clearly see that he was sick. However, the manager was ruthless and told them to leave the guest house because they had overstayed their welcome,” the source said. 

According to her, the two checked into the guest house because their N$360 rates per day were all they could afford. They were expecting to travel back to Rehoboth the next day after they had finished consultations with the doctor. However, they had only been in their room for about an hour when the manager decided to throw them out. 

“He claimed that they were not adhering to the rules of the guest house because they had a guest. They explained that they did not know, but he would not have any of it and kicked them out, offering only to give them N$160 back from the money they had paid,” the witness recounted. 

She added that the duo refused to take half the money, because it would mean they agreed with what he was doing. “You could see the hourly rates clearly plastered on the wall, for example N$200 for a one-hour session, and the girls came and went as they wanted with men. They did not even try to hide it from the police,” she continued. 

However, the supervisor at the guest house who only referred to himself as Allelua vehemently denied the allegations, saying they would never do that to paying customers. 

“We will never kick out our customers… when they leave this place, we want them to say they were well- taken care of, and we want them to come back,” Allelua said. 

He said he was not aware of an incident where a couple were asked to leave. However, he knew there was a case where people fought at the guest house over the weekend. He only heard about this fight the next morning, but the people involved in the fight were apparently allowed to stay until the next morning. 

With regards to the brothel allegations, Allelua said he respects the privacy of their clients, so he would never interrogate them about who they bring, but their guest house is not a brothel. 

“I will never ask a guest about who they bring in if they booked a room or what they are going to do, but I have not seen any prostitutes here,” he stated.

by Faith Haushona-Kavamba