Elephant cow found dead in Opuwo

13 Aug 2013 02:10
OPUWO, 13 AUG (NAMPA) - An elephant cow was found dead at the Okapwindja village, some 45 kilometres south of Opuwo on Saturday.
Community members and officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET) were under the initial impression that the elephant was shot by community members in attempts to scare it away, or by illegal hunters.
The elephant was found with a hollow wound on one of its cheeks.
The Chief Control Warden in the Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the Kunene Region, Erwin Tjikuua told Nampa on Tuesday that after thorough investigation, it was discovered that the wound was too big to have been inflicted by a bullet.
“The conclusion is that the elephant cow might have been involved in a fight with another elephant, which could have inflicted the wound,” he explained.
MET officials suspect the green-coloured wound with mucous oozing out is seven-months-old.
The meat of the dead elephant, said to belong to the Okongoro Conservancy, was distributed amongst community members on Sunday.