EBank launches MasterCard Debit Cards

September 8, 2015, 12:59pm

EBank launches MasterCard Debit Cards


Staff writer


EBank has launched its Master debit card which gives clients access to millions of retailers and ATMs that accept MasterCard payment cards nationally and internationally.


The Chief Executive Officer of EBank, Mike Mukete said this comes as another milestone for the bank in its journey to bring cutting-edge banking products and solutions to its existing and potential customers.


“We aim to bring banking services to services to everyone in Namibia. Since our launch in November, 2014, we have established partnerships with trusted and reliable partners to build to a network of EBank service points and client presence countrywide, Mukete said.


He also said EBank’s strategic focus areas remain to further grow the network, to continue with the product innovation and to increase investment in client education to drive product and service use.


“The introduction of MasterCard debit cards is an essential part of our network expansion strategy and a critical step in making our services and offerings ubiquitous and accessible to all, he said.


He added that EBank clients now have the choice of using their cell phones to transact at the till points of any of its growing number of retail partners or, alternatively, using their MasterCard to pay for goods and services at any point of sale device. 


Although EBank does not have ATMs of its own its clients can withdraw money at any ATM of the four major banks.