South Africa dominate Red Bull Extreme Enduro

07 Sep 2015 14:30pm
WINDHOEK, 07 SEP (NAMPA) – The Red Bull Braveman (RBB) Extreme Enduro once again went to South African riders after last year's champion, Wade Young and his fellow countryman Dwayne Kleynhans ended first and second respectively.
They took part in the gold class.
The only female rider, also from South Africa, Kirsten Landman ended in first place in the silver class an hour before Namibian, Tommy Gous who came in second.
The 2015 RBB saw 39 entries from South Africa, Botswana and host Namibia. Botswana's only entry, Ross Branch (a frequent participant in Namibian Enduro races) did not manage to finish the race. Of the 39 entries, only 23 managed to complete the race.
This is the second edition of the RBB Extreme Enduro after the first was held in 2014, and had only 22 entries.
The event started on Friday with a prologue whereby riders had to battle it out over various manmade obstacles in an arena to determine the starting position on Saturday morning.
Kleynhans dominated the prologue and was first to start on Saturday, while his fellow countryman, Young was second to start.
Young needed only four hours, forty-six minutes and twelve seconds (4:46:12) to complete the race.
“This year was much harder than last year but I enjoyed the challenge,” Young told Nampa shortly after the race.
Kleynhans finished in a time of five hours and twenty-eight seconds (05:00:28). The 27-year-old rider said the climbs and obstacles in the mountains were tough.
“In some places, we had to scrum (push) the bikes over the obstacles,” he said.
Landman finished the endure an hour before her nearest competitor, Tommy Gous with a time of four hours, thirty-two minutes and fifty-seven seconds (4:32:57). Gous finished in a time of five hours, thirty-five minutes and fifty-nine seconds.
Namibian Henner Rusch was in fifth place in the gold class with a time of five hours, fifty-seven minutes and forty-three seconds (5:57:43).

The results are as follows:

Gold (120 kilometres)
1. Young (4:46:12)
2. Kleynhans (5:00:48)
3. Altus de Wet (South Africa) (5:23:14)

Silver (80 km)
1. Landman (4:32:57)
2. Gous (5:35:59)
3. Günther Gladis (5:54:43)

Bronze (40 km)
1. Olaf Pack (3:09:50)
2. Werner Wiese (3:29:29)
3. Kai Hohmeier (4:09:17)