Vivo Energy launches school road safety programme

September 7, 2015, 11:01am

Vivo Energy launches school road safety programme

Vivo Energy Namibia today launched its school road safety campaign which is aimed at educating young learners about road safety.

It was kicked off at Jan Mohr Secondary School and consists of an introduction to what the learners test entails, with tips and hints for preparing for the test.

Vivo Energy’ Managing Director, Johan Grobbelaar said the company is committed to promoting road safety awareness.

“Our vision is to create the most respected energy business. We know that we can only realise that vision if we strive to be a part of the community and work hand in hand with government and the community to help address the challenges in the country. With Namibia’s high accident rates, road safety is one of the key challenges in the country,” Grobbelaar said.

He noted that road accidents are a leading cause of death amongst Namibians, with the World Health Organisation (WHO) ranking Namibia as the first in the world in terms of the number of road deaths per 100 000 residents.

“A study undertaken in 2014 indicated that in Namibia residents are 53% more likely to die in a vehicle collision than from cancer. With such statistics such as these, as a responsible corporate citizen Vivo Energy Namibia has undertaken to play a role in matters concerning road safety,” he added.

He added that road safety and good driving habits begin at a young age, saying responsible drivers are drivers that are aware at all times.

“In addition to Jan Mohr, Vivo Energy Namibia will be visiting five other schools in the Windhoek area this week with this programme. With the launch of the Vivo Energy Namibia Schools Road Safety Programme, we hope to create a conversation about road safety amongst the youth of today,” Grobbelaar added.