Ohangwena governor commends WAD

06 Sep 2015 11:30am
EENHANA, 06 SEP (NAMPA) – Ohangwena Regional Governor, Usko Nghaamwa has commended the Women’s Action for Development (WAD)’s efforts to uplift the standards of many Namibians and affirmed support from the people of Namibia and Government.
He said this during the WAD Ohangwena Field Day and graduation of 154 WAD trainees at Eenhana on Thursday.
“The graduation that we are witnessing here today is yet another milestone meant to complement the government towards socioeconomic and social upliftment of the Namibian people, especially the most disadvantaged ones,” the governor said.
He added that disadvantaged people barely find opportunities to make an impact in their lives in a positive and dignified way.
According to him, many people, especially the youth, tend to resort to undignified means to make a living when they fail to find opportunities, which is a negative step that sends a bad reputation of the communities and nation as a whole.
He viewed WAD’s initiative of training unemployed young people to become knowledgeable and skilled as a mechanism to offer opportunities and reduce poverty through employment creation.
Nghaamwa noted the WAD graduates have been given foundational knowledge to run community projects and, as such, he encouraged them to consider employment creation by establishing projects.
After acquiring knowledge and skills, unemployed young people will be able to establish their own small-scale businesses, as well as invest in the knowledge and skills development of the nation.
He also called on the graduates to approach the regional council for advice and references for the successful establishment of their income-generating projects.
WAD graduates acquired both theoretical and practical skills in fields such as computer literacy, office administration, needlework, hospitality and tourism.