Telecom donates funds towards SARPCCO Games

12 Aug 2013 09:00


Telecom Namibia today donated a cheque worth N$162 000 towards the hosting of the annual Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation

Organisation (SARPCCO) Games.

The games will be held in Windhoek and the participants will compete in  athletics, football, netball, darts, tennis and volleyball.

The games are slated for Windhoek from the 19-30 August this year with only Southern African Development Countries (SADC) eligible to compete.

Receiving the cheque on behalf of the Namibian Police Force, Lt.General Sebastian Ndeitunga urges the participants’ officers to be good ambassadors both on and off the field during the event.

“You should be good ambassadors so that when those countries come they feel welcome with good hospitality”, said Ndaitunga.

The event will cost government N$38 millions thus Ndeitunga said so far government has only pledges N$33 millions with the rest coming from private companies.

“More pledges will be done on 15 August at central police station in Windhoek”, said Ndeitunga.