MVA believes in service above self

12 Aug 2013 07:50
WINDHOEK, 12 AUG (NAMPA) - Health is not only an important value for citizens, but also a crucial prediction for economic prosperity, the Minister of Health and Social Services Richard Kamwi said on Monday.
Speaking at the Motor-Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund ‘Return to Work’ Conference on Monday, Kamwi said that through the provision of high-quality health care, which includes effective and sustainable rehabilitation, his ministry can contribute towards reducing the unemployment rate by ensuring that people receive the necessary medical interventions to ensure they make a full recovery and return to work.
The two-day conference is being hosted by the MVA here under the theme “New Life through Successful Rehabilitation Goals Attainment”.
It serves as a forum for organisations to share best practices in disability management in the quest to align to international best practices.
“I urge you all to spend the next two days looking for new strategies and measures, including legislation, to bring about sustainable health systems that assure the rights of the citizens to health care and employment opportunities,” he said.
Also speaking at the conference, the MVA’s Chief Operations Officer Rosalia Martins-Hausiku said the devastating physical, psychological and economic effects of road crashes are all too familiar to them as it has become a daily occurrence.
“At the MVA Fund, we believe in service above our self, and that philosophy is fueled by our aspirations to ensure that our clients not only receive the superior customer service they expect, but that we do everything possible to make sure they retain a high quality of life and more importantly, their human dignity,” said Martins-Hausiku.
She said the MVA took a conscious decision a few years ago to transform the Fund from a compensation-focused model, of which the primary emphasis was on claim payments, instead of on the individual and their short-term to long-term needs.
According to her, as part of that paradigm shift, the Fund has made effective rehabilitation an institutional goal and the ultimate healing objective for their clients, with an expectation that 65 per cent of cases will be returned to independence.
She further said that in order to realise the dream, the Fund has entered into a partnership with the Spinalis Foundation, a Swedish organisation to establish a Spinal Cord Rehabilitation Ward at the Windhoek Central Hospital to treat and rehabilitate patients with serious spinal cord injuries.
“I believe that this conference will serve as an important platform for our institutions to share best practices in disability management in the quest to align our efforts towards a common outcome,” said Martins-Hausiku.
The MVA official noted that the focus should be crafted and implemented strategies to manage injuries and disabilities successfully for people to return to work and independence, so that they can live meaningful, productive and dignified lives.
She wished that at the end of the two days, they will be able to create awareness on returning to work, share return to work best practices, outline benefits for employers/employees derived from return to work policies, and design recommendations and next steps on how best to implement those recommendations in order to bring change to people's lives.