Henties couple claim unfair dismissal at lodge

03 Sep 2015 11:20am
OSHAKATI, 03 SEP (NAMPA) – Fisheries and Marine Resources Deputy Minister, Samuel Chief Ankama dismissed two employees of his lodge because they allegedly could not do a proper job and threw racial slur at black customers.
“They were on probation, but yet they treated customers with disrespect. They called customers stupid vambos,” Ankama alleged.
The deputy minister is being accused of unfairly dismissing the two employees. He is said to have telephoned them on Sunday, ordering them to leave his lodge, Namibia 2000 Lodge and Safaris, within three hours.
The lodge is situated some 10km west of Oshakati. The dismissed employees, Rudi van Ginkel and his wife, Hannelie, were initially employed as managing couple of the lodge in July this year but were shortly after demoted to support staff.
Ankama said van Ginkel and his wife were arrogant and quarrelsome with customers, despite being warned against it; something van Ginkel denies, saying they were never approached by him or somebody else for misbehaving towards customers or for not doing their job properly.
Speaking to Nampa at Oshakati on Wednesday, van Ginkel claimed that the deputy minister fired them without giving them reasons for their dismissal.
Van Ginkel was employed as lodge manager at the beginning of last month, before he was demoted to lodge gardener two weeks later.
His wife was employed as the head of catering at the lodge but she was also demoted to housekeeper.
“All these were done for reasons only known by him (Ankama), but we accepted his decision without complaining,” van Ginkel cited.
The couple from Henties Bay applied for the jobs at Ankama’s lodge after they saw an advertisement on Facebook that Ankama was looking for a lodge management couple.
They are now stranded at the Oneshila Service Station in Oshakati since Sunday and are claiming that they have nowhere to go because they sold their two houses in Henties Bay before they came to work at the lodge.
The couple slept at the service station on Sunday night; paid their last N.dollars 845, for accommodation at the Oshakati Country Hotel on Monday and workers of the Oneshila Service Station contributed money to pay for their accommodation at the Oshakati Guest Hotel on Tuesday night.
“He was the whole time satisfied with my work, and he chased us away only after I restructured his lodge and took it to another level,” van Ginkel noted.