Omaheke Regional Council donates to fire victims' families

12 Aug 2013 07:50
GOBABIS, 12 AUG (NAMPA) – The Omaheke Regional Council and the Office of the Regional Governor on Friday donated building material, clothes and food items to the two families that lost children to fires over a week ago.
The two entities donated corrugated iron sheets worth N.dollars 27 000, 11 matrasses, blankets and clothing to the bereaved families, which altogether lost four children in two separate incidences.
The donation was sourced from various retailers and businesses in Gobabis, who donated to the cause as part of their social responsibility.
Amongst those who donated were Mega Save Wholesalers (maize meal), Food Zone Retailers (food hampers), and various items from Ackermans Gobabis, Blue Finance Group and Metro Wholesalers.
Handing over the donation, Omaheke Regional Governor Festus Ueitele said it was regrettable that young lives were lost in the fire as they would have become future leaders of Namibia.
“I was deeply touched by this catastrophe. It not only caused loss of property, national documents and other valuables, but robbed us of citizens of our republic. The lives that were lost in the fire are that of of young aspiring children who had dreams for a better tomorrow. As a father, a loss of this magnitude is beyond comprehension,” he said.
Two toddlers burned to death in a shack fire at Aminuis allegedly caused by a burning candle. A third child survived the incident with serious burns on her face, arms and back after she was miraculously rescued by a member of the public.
The deceased were identified as six-year-old Baja Kambapani and four-year-old Ndjitiza Kambapani, while the survivor was identified as Hitjiva Kazeurua.
In another shack fire at Epukiro, also in the Omaheke Region, three children burned to death after an oil lamp left burning ignited the shack.
It is reported that an elderly woman who stayed with her four grandchildren at the Otjiwarongo village in Epukiro left the shack between 06h00 and 07h00 on the Friday, 02 August to gather her cattle when the shack caught fire.
The deceased were identified as four-year-old Hivirikee Ngueumenga, three-year-old Okeri Tjiniaze and three-year-old Tjizouje Hamutenya.
Another child, Ndjoroke Hamutenya, was rescued by a member of the community and sustained serious injuries on both her hands and buttocks.
The two children who lost their lives in the Aminuis fire were buried on Thursday, while those in Epukiro were buried on Saturday.