Delimitation Commision frowns on Omaheke submissions

12 Aug 2013 07:20
GOBABIS, 12 AUG (NAMPA) - Only one submission of the many which were made to the Fourth Delimitation Commission from the Omaheke Region was approved by the Commission in its report to the president.
President Hifikepunye Pohamba on Thursday approved name changes and the creation of a new region and several constituencies as per the recommendation of the Fourth Delimitation Commission.
The renaming of the Steinhausen Constituency in the Omaheke Region to Okorukambe was the only submission which got the nod from the commission, and subsequently the President.
The Okorukambe Constituency submission was led by constituency councillor, Kilus Nguvauva, who argued that Okorukambe was the original name of the area before it was unceremoniously changed to Steinhausen by the colonial regime.
This was the third time Nguvauva made a submission for the name change.
The highly-published intention of the people of Eiseb Block to be autonomous and to have their own constituency was amongst submissions not approved by the Fourth Delimitation Commission.
Eiseb Block, which was retained as part of the Otjombinde Constituency, became a point of debate during the first months of the year as those residing there pushed for the area to be declared a constituency.
Reasons given to support the cause included that the main economic centre of the Otjombinde Constituency of Talismanus is too far from Eiseb Block, which makes it difficult for many of those residing in Eiseb to have access to vital services.
Critics had, however, hinted that political influence and the ongoing division in the Ovambanderu community – which is found in both Eiseb and Otjombinde – could have been amongst the chief reasons for the submission.
Eiseb Block has been rallying behind Nguvauva, who is also Deputy Minister of Works and Transport, to take over his father’s throne, while Otjombinde is widely considered home ground for the OvaMbanderu clan led by Chief Aleta Nguvauva.
Leonardville’s submission to secede from the Aminuis Constituency, and the Hardap Region’s intention to have Aminuis as part of the newly-proclaimed Aranos Constituency were also not approved.
Leonardville’s intentions were considered political suicide by many in the region, as the town and its surroundings have been among the ruling Swapo-Party’s strongholds in the Omaheke Region.
While the Aminuis Constituency is under the Nudo of Namibia leadership, Leonardville has helped Swapo gain respectable vote tallies in previous elections.