Nekundi's appointment as acting Secretary wrong: Kafita

30 Aug 2015 15:40pm
RUNDU, 30 AUG (NAMPA) – The Central Committee (CC) meeting that endorsed the appointment of Swapo Party Youth League Deputy Secretary Veikko Nekundi as acting Secretary is illegitimate as it was never convened by the National Executive Committee (NEC).
This is according to the SPYL’s Internal Affairs Secretary, Eddy Kafita, who spoke to Nampa on Saturday.
Kafita was appointed in an acting capacity at the NEC's extra-ordinary meeting at the Kamutjonga Fisheries Institute in the Kavango West Region last month.
It is also at the same meeting that the decision to suspend Nekundi was taken after he was accused of causing infighting and division within the youth league.
The CC meeting appointed Nekundi as acting Secretary on Thursday and further considered the alleged decision of suspending him as null and void according to a media statement issued by the SPYL on Friday.
The CC meeting was called at the request of regional secretaries.
The same meeting also appointed Neville Andre Itope as Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilisation of SPYL.
Affirmative Repositioning (AR) activist Job Amupanda resigned from this position before being suspended from the party in November 2014 after being involved in a municipal land grab in response to reports of corruption by the Windhoek Municipality.
“It is public knowledge that Nekundi refused to accept his suspension by a legitimate body (NEC) from day one. They started intimidating people last week, saying they must come to a CC meeting called by the regional secretaries or face expulsion from the Swapo Party like former secretary Elijah Ngurare and the three AR activists (Amupanda, Dimbulukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala),” Kafita said.
He said those members from the region who attended did so out of fear of being expelled, adding that those who did not attend the meeting “understand the SPYL constitution and knew the meeting was illegal as well”.
Kafita said the CC meeting of Thursday was never sanctioned by the NEC, stating that the Executive Committee has not convened since its last meeting in Kavango West last month.
A National Executive Committee meeting will however take place on 12 September, and one of the many items on the agenda for that meeting will be the planning of a CC meeting.
“People were paid to travel to attend this meeting with some allegedly flown in, whilst accommodation was apparently also catered for at local hotels by prominent business people. It is alleged that even Armas Amukwiyu attended this meeting. What puzzles us is in what capacity he attended the meeting,” Kafita said.
He further noted that no funds were processed by the office of the Secretary of Finance.
“It looks like people were being bought to attend this meeting,” he said.
The acting Secretary also maintains that the SPYL’s constitution does not say regional secretaries have the power to call a CC meeting.
Article 12 (11) of the SPYL constitution states that the National Executive shall have the power to call extra-ordinary meetings of the Central Committee as well as of the Regional Conferences.
Nowhere does it make mention of the powers regional secretaries have to convene CC meetings.
Thursday’s CC meeting gave directives and informed all of the youth league’s structures that the only SPYL constitution is the one which was adopted by the third SPYL congress held in 2002 and subsequently confirmed by the mother body congress of the same year.
Approached for comment on whether the two centres of power is not creating problems for the members and public, Nekundi referred this reporter to Itope.
He however pleaded with SPYL members and the public not to “get confused”, stating that they should know that SPYL is an organisation established on the principles of the constitution.
“The constitution is very clear, they must just read Article 11 and 12 to know who is right or wrong,” he said.
Itope told this news agency that the CC is the second highest body after congress and also appoints or elects NEC members.
“Thursday’s meeting had the majority members of the CC and that makes all decisions taken at the meeting legitimate,” he said.
Itope indicated that the SPYL is also planning to have a meeting with all NEC members to address internal issues faced by the organisation and to hopefully salvage the SPYL for it to focus on real issues.
Meanwhile, he denied claims that people were threatened into attending the CC meeting on Thursday.
To this Itope said whoever has evidence should come forth and present their case.
“There was no threat as people were all invited by email but were asked to confirm their attendance,” he added.
He explained that regional secretaries had their own meeting, and there they decided to convene a meeting that would address the challenges SPYL is facing.
“Only NEC if it is an extra-ordinary meeting has the power to call such a meeting, but if a majority of 50 plus one members of the CC agree for the CC meeting to take place, then it is legitimate,” Itope said.