RDP not moved by Hamutenya move

August 28, 2015, 10:41am

RDP not moved by Hamutenya move


Online Writer

The Rally for Democracy and Progress President Jeremiah Nambinga today came close to describing their former President Hidipo Hamutenya who has since re-joined Swapo as the biblical Judas Iscariot.

“I think President Pohamba was right when he said those that left Swapo and went to RDP were like Judas Iscariot. I want to give my assurance today that the leadership of the party will never consider leaving you for Swapo because we still feel Swapo has gotten worse than what is was when we left. I would want to wish Hidipo all the best and he is a human and free to join any party of his choice,” Nambinga said.

Although at pains to explain whether the departure of Hidipo would signal the demise of the opposition political party Nambinga addressing a crowd that looked more like a class room audience with a Journalist said the party will participate at the forthcoming regional elections stronger than ever.

He added that Swapo will always be a repressive undemocratic party to them with very little to offer for their leadership. As if the challenge of dealing with the departure of key members was not enough Nambinga had to show courage and introduced a few members that he says will replace those that left.